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From Sanctuary Shard

A wide variety of gods have moved in and out of power over the many millennia since Sanctuary was formed. The most powerful gods are those whose statues sit on the Arcanum Crystals at the five kingdom capitals. This page describes those gods, their related divinities, and those gods currently worshiped by the Noble Houses. As noble houses come and go, this page will need to be updated.



It was only by a thin margin of theology that the Kingdom of Andus was able to maintain, for the most part, its own monotheistic worship during the Thorn King Era. Holy Acrab, kept and held sway in Andus when all other kingdoms fell to the religion of the Andals. In the decades since the fall, two other gods have come into supremacy in this sun-soaked and jasmine-scented kingdom. Cassia, the war hero of Thule and Hekanani, the ancient god-goddess of magic, prophecy and medicine.Read More ..



The people of Raeyithia, like those of the Aelfeyn tend towards dual-gender pairs that cross multiple aspects and break gender roles. Since the fall of the Thorn King an ancient religion of a white lady, Druantia, and a horned lord, Herne. Read More ..



The people of Emlyn have always followed the eight primary virtues; Compassion, Honesty, Honor, Humility, Justice, Sacrifice, Spirituality, and Valor. Before the arrival of the Thorn King, many of the people of Emlyn paid homage to the Valar as the embodiments of those virtues. Once the Thorn King was firmly placed on the Arcanum Crystal in Caerleon the virtues and their divine counterparts faded until they were little more then saints and heros. Since the Thorn King has been removed a new religion known as Dana and the Seven or the Eight-fold Path has come into primary focus.Read More ..



Current Midvegr religion centers around the Yggdrasil ("World Tree") and a triple goddess known as Yrsa. In addition to Yrsa, the Midrvegr pantheon includes Frey and Freya, Njordr, Tyr, Fenrir and Grimnar. Ancestor worship is a strong part of the people's belief and most farms and most villages include a Vårdträd, a sacred guardian tree. Read More ..



The people of Kraestret were never truly devout followers of the Thorn King, instead, like most things in their culture, only what a god or goddess would do for them was important. During the two millennia that the Thorn King was in power, the people of Kraestret did as was expected of them for weekly services and privately still turned to local shrines set up to near-forgotten heroes and spirits. It would not be until Yrsa-as-Hel is paired with Veles upon the Arcanum Crystals would a countrywide religion become established. Read More ..

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