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Upon your arrival ...

From Sanctuary Shard

A basic breakdown of what your character might reasonably discover upon their arrival. In general, the NPCs of this world are positively predisposed to arriving heroes. We've organized some of the first lore that players should read for the edification of their characters.

Your Character
The arrival of "heroes" in the world is a well-known occurrence, and you can generally expect to be recognized as being new by any number of traits; not the least of which is your strange dialect/accent, or the unusual cut of your clothes.
Is in copper, silver and gold. Most of the shopkeepers in Summer Isle are willing to establish credit for room and board for newly arriving heroes. The banker has also been ordered to advance all new arrivals enough starting gold to reasonably outfit themselves.
The general method and function of magic is available from any magically-inclined NPC or bookstore.
It is not difficult to discover the basic history of the world is a battle for supremacy between five kingdoms that lie on the mainland, and to further understand that those who arrive from other places are expected to be the movers and shakers of this conflict.
Further, you should understand that humans were the dominant race for most of the last 2000 years and all non-human races were subjugated in some way. Only in the last 70 years have non-human races become a common sight.
The NPCs of Summer Isle are more than happy to provide new arrivals with both real and imaginary information about the different kingdoms, depending on their own personal allegiances.
All of the five races are present on Summer Isle nearly equally, with a slightly greater number of normal humans.
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