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History Vol 3: Humans

From Sanctuary Shard

My esteemed students,

The Cimmerians, also known as the First Men are believed to be native to the lands of Cuiveinen. They arrive in the central part of the kingdom settling most of Raeyithia from coast to coast. They coexist for the most part with the Hoggur race of Fomorians and the Aelfeyn race of Daoine Sídhe. Over time, the Cimmerians would fill all corners of the mainland, but they would not retain their hold for more than a few hundred years. Not long after, a race of people known as the Nemed would arrive. Dark-haired brutal fighters, the Nemed would take the lands of Kraestrat from the Cimmerian’s and establish a significant trading port.

To the far south would arrive Rhoynar, a race of dark-skinned people with great skills in ritual magic and a complex pantheon of animal-headed gods. They would cross the channel into Andus and intermarry with the Daoine Sídhe who would be forced out of Raeyithia by the Tuatha De Dannan.

It wouldn’t be long before the Atlanteans would arrive from Thule and a complex culture that would only ever be found again along Earth’s Mediterranean sea would develop. The Hoggur of Thule would develop further with this interrelationship with Rhoynar and Daoine Sidhe, and additional half-breed races such as rat-men, terathans, and naga/ophidians would develop.

The Dúnadan "Men of the West" would arrive in what would be known as Emlyn along with a race of Aelfeyn called the Noldorians and a small clan of Orcs.

A new human race, known as the Rohirrim would arrive along the southern coast of Midrvegr and find a shared culture alongside the Alfar, establishing themselves as horse lords of the broad Midrvegrian forests.

But it wouldn’t be until the arrival of the Andals that the mainland would shift from a multi-racial continent to one where humans were the dominant force and non-humans fought and scrapped for every rock, glade and cove. The Andals arrived in three separate waves over the first hundred years. A predominantly Germanic-Saxon people, they brought with them already a regimented religion with no room for other beliefs and advanced martial prowess. Some historians claim that there was not one race of Andals from one other dimension but in fact 3 separate people from three different dimensions. We’ll never know for sure because a shared belief in a single creator god, commonly called The Father, quickly turned into a religious juggernaut that would bring Thorn King to reach preeminence.

This was a period of holy crusades, racial cleansing, the destruction of pagan religions, and the subjugation of women and non-humans. The de-evolution of the Hoggur, Muiri, and Aelfeyn races would be dramatic. Either due to inter-breeding or the degradation of their own gods, the non-human races would lose many of their unique characteristics or turn feral monsters, demons, and creatures of the night.

Those in Andus would be converted early to a monotheistic worship of the father god known as Acrab, El and Yahweh. They would not change to the worship of the Thorn King, but apparently the belief in The Father was not in conflict with that of the younger Thorn King. Raeyithia, Kraestret, and Emlyn would be held under the might and main of the widespread Thorn King religion. It would only be Midrvegr would be able to negotiate their own conversion, adopting the religion officially yet keeping many of their folk traditions alive.

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