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Origin Myth

From Sanctuary Shard

At some point in the last 10 years, you left your previous life behind. All that you had accomplished, all that you had struggled for, and all that you had lost was understood to only be the beginning of what this journey has forged you for. You are a hero; no matter how small or mild you may feel, inside you exists an ancient seed to make changes at the mythic level.

On your journey from your past lives, to this new world, you come to understand that this is the last struggle, the last battle, the mythic age which forms all realities. Here, you will be swept along by the ravages of war and the struggle to make your ideals count. This is no simple story of hearth and home; but rather, of courage and conviction. In this new world, you will take up a banner and lead armed forces in defense of your lands, try your wits at the royal courts, and gain power to make change.


Two great dragons, one of iron and ice, one of amber and gold, encircle this birth place of beginnings. High in the sky soars Ancalagon the Black; his movements chase back the sun and hold power over the moon and tides. While deep in the earth roils Jormungandr -- the world serpent, the fluid mass of the land a cauldron of earth and fire. Over and over they summon gods and heroes to vie for supremacy. Our heroes are set within the land, to lead the local populace as estates owners.


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