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From Sanctuary Shard

Given the very nature of Sanctuary, new languages and words enter the kingdom daily. Language develops slowly, while slang can develop very quickly. The villagers, in all places except Emlyn, have become used to new words, especially those of the ruling class which are often picked up quickly by the younger generation. In general, however, there are some trends that exist across the realms.

  • Proto-German can be found in Kraestret, and is rather similar to the Proto-Norse found in Miðrvegr.
  • The coast line along the trade route from Åndalstad to Tarașinău uses a dialect known as Alvdalen which is a blend of Proto-elven and Proto-norse.
  • Proto-Gaelic can be found in both Emlyn and Raeyithia.
  • Proto-Spanish, Proto-Arabic, and Proto-Latin have synthesized to produce a dialect known as Andalusian in the Kingdom of Andus.
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