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History Vol 1.1: The Aelfeyn of Andus

From Sanctuary Shard

My esteemed students,

Noone knows when the Daeves first arrived in Sanctuary. In fact their entire lore is shrouded in mystery. When the Rhoynar arrived over the channel, from the lands south of Andus, the Daeves were there. The dark-skin humans with their vast pantheon of animal-headed gods did not understand that the Daeves were a mortal race, but thought they were, in fact, avatars of their own gods. Like most humans, the Rhoynar would choose to build; cities and pyramids, leaving the deep deserts to the Daevas.

It would not be until the Daoine Sidhe are pushed out of Raeyithia and began sharing the greener spaces of the Andus desert that knowledge of the nomadic Daevas would be established. Rumor of their control over the sands, pact with Jinn, and animal deamons would both scare and fascinate the human inhabitants who found them worthy of worship.

It would not be until the rise of the Thorn King that these three races would be forced to adapt, and to hide in plain sight. The Daevas would come to be known as the lost gods. Necessary intermingling with the Daoine Sidhe and the Daevas would create natural powers in their offspring with the Rhoynar. Some would be born with the ability to call the Jinn, their powers kept secret for fear of reprisal. Others would gain an animal companion when they came of age, a companion with whom they could speak. Creatures who kept their voices silent for nearly two millennia.

The Rhoynar would resist the Andal incursion, but accept the religion of the Father, all the while families would keep the secret of their half-Aelfeyn heritage, they would call themselves, Aldaayiein, the lost ones.

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