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Arcanum Crystals

From Sanctuary Shard

The arcanum crystals are the large crystal structures the exist in each of the five kingdom capitals. These crystals are believed to significantly increase the power of the god or goddess who is placed upon the crystal in effigy. When the statue of a deity is placed on the stone they receive a significant bump in their divine influence in both this world and other worlds. The battle for the crystals is the primary driving force behind the conflict between kingdoms and noble houses.

Due to the very nature of the world's design, religion is a fluid and ever-changing landscape. The religious examples presented for each kingdom represent both tradition and the recent past. It should be understood that players can and will have a significant effect on which gods move into preeminence. Read More ..
A wide variety of gods have moved in and out of power over the many millennia since Sanctuary was formed. The most powerful gods are those whose statues sit on the Arcanum Crystals at the five kingdom capitals. This page describes those gods, their related divinities, and those gods currently worshiped by the Noble Houses. As noble houses come and go, this page will need to be updated. Read More ..
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