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Thorn King Era

From Sanctuary Shard

The current age begins with the Fall Equinox of the current year (2019). The previous age lasted nearly 2000 years, with a recent world war lasting more than 30 years in the last century. The events of Sanctuary ring throughout other worlds to a greater and lesser extent.

Past Age, 2000 years ago
  • The beginning of the most recent Past Age begins with the rise of the Thorn King God. His influence and the power of his followers would be so sweeping that an entire age would be named after him and his religion. His rise to power would begin in the south, soon sweeping into Raeyithia during a well-organized conversion of the human population over their Aelfeyn nobility. And then into Kraestret where the conversion was motivated by politics and economics.
Past Age, 1200 years ago
  • The power of the Thorn King would finally sweep west into Emlyn and the first crusades would begin. While we can now reflect upon history and understand that it was the same god ruling from the Arcanum Crystals in Al Shadiya, Tarasinau, Drokkberg, and Caerleon this was not always known to the population. Racial hatred that first pitted the humans against the Aelfeyn and Muiri turned inward until the humans themselves divided along sub-racial lines based on skin color.
Past Age, 1000 years ago
  • The final conversion would happen in the east in the kingdom now known as Midrvegr. It would be the involvement of Emlyn Paladins that would force the issue of conversion, driving Drokkberg to lend aid against their eastern allies. Midrvegr's refusal to convert combined with their ancestor worship made the conflict inevitable. Midrvegr finally fell to the combined forces forever forging enmity between east and west, Kraestret caught in the middle.
Past Age, 150 years ago
  • Magicians begin the development of Spellweaving; a new form of battle magic that is expected to change the course of conflict in the world.
Past Age, 110 years ago
  • A brutal war that would last 30 years begins.
Past Age, 80 years ago
  • The 30 year war ends when a cabal of magicians from Kraestrat perform a spellweaving that is so powerful, it threatens to destroy two thirds of the world. The dragons step in and take all knowledge of such workings away from the heroes and natives, forbidding any further research in magic of such power. Spellweaving remains, but all great knowledge of battle magic is lost.
Past Age, 70 years ago
  • The power of the Thorn King would finally end, as the natives put aside the doctrines that lead them to the brink of destruction. They would turn to embracing favorite local deities as they sought to heal the land of the last war. The current natives will have been born and raised in these new religions. There are holdouts to the old way, in places such as the Kingdom of Andus and other outlying areas.
Past Age, Ten Years Past
  • The most recent batch of heroes arrive on Summer Isle. Their arrival has a significant impact on existing and newly established house. Scholars predict a new age.
Past Age, Three Years Past
  • Unseasonable weather begins, the first predictions that a new age is coming begin to catch the attention of the native population.
  • Houses, in reflection of this possible prediction begin to consolidate power, fortify defenses, establish allies and otherwise prepare for what is expected to be a significant change in the martial and political structure of the world.
Past Age, Current Year
  • Unseasonable weather continues into its third year.
  • The Next Age is predicted by Astrologers.
  • A run of back luck all around precipitates an early end of conflict, weeks before the regular harvest season.
  • A batch of new heroes arrive in Summer Isle.
Current Year
  • Beginning of a New Age officially starts on the Fall Equinox, just a few weeks after the Shard Officially Goes Live (2019).

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