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History Vol 4: Hoggur

From Sanctuary Shard

My esteemed students,

Generally accounted to be the first race of Sanctuary, the Hoggur were originally composed of many different clans of people all loosely identifying as Fomorians. In some form or another, a traveler to Sanctuary would have found clans that would remind them of giants, dwarves, gnomes, trolls, and ogres.

Like Children of the Forest who become the Muiri the Hoggur as a whole will have a significant shift in appearance. They would go from being a very tall and powerful race with strong dominant features to one with short, stout, and even grotesque features.

In the earliest age, a group of Hoggur, separate from the Fomorians, would develop in isolation on the island of Thule. In our history of the Muiri we are told of the arrival of the Atlanteans to the isle of Thule. Our research suggests that an ancient artifact known as the Serpent’s Crown was responsible for the creation of creatures such as Fauns/Satyrs, Merfolk, Centaurs which would be later be categorized as Muiri and Harpies, Sphinx, Chimera, Naga/Ophidians, Terathans, Ratmen, and Minotaurs we now classify as Hoggur. We don’t know if these original creatures were actually single constructs that later crossbred with other Muiri and Hoggur to create new races, but it’s very likely.

A thousand years later other Hoggur-like races would arrive, often in the company of, being chased by, or chasing down, other people from their own dimensions. A clan of Orcs would arrive in the western part of Emlyn with the Dúnedain and Noldorians. We don’t know for sure what the relationship was between these people and the Hoggur Orcs, but the Orcs would ever be a thorn in the side of the Emlyn people. Goblins would arrive with the Tuatha De Danann and fight alongside them, against the Fomorians, assumedly as a subjugated race. And the powerfully built Jotunn would be said to have traveled in companionship with the tall pale Norse Aelfeyn race of the Alfar.

During the same period of time, the Nemeds would inter-breed with a particular clan of Fomorians and a dark dwarven race called the Duergar would be formed. The Alfar and Jotunn would produce a warrior race of pale-haired pale-skinned Trow. iThe Titans would enslave the Rhoynar and produce the Euresu who would go one to be one of the dominant races in Cuiveinen.

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