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From Sanctuary Shard

Religion has changed a great deal in the last century for all of the kingdoms since the fall of the Thorn King. As non-human peoples re-emerge into the light they bring with them both ancient traditions and new needs for religion and spirituality. The religion of this kingdom, like all kingdoms, is a synthesis of such.

There exists in each capital one of the Arcanum Crystals, a giant crystal which is believed to give any god who is placed upon it in effigy real power in this world and great influence in other worlds. Not all players are devout or loyal to a particular god but the native population has strong views as to whom should be placed upon the crystals. It is to be expected that travelers will bring their own worship and beliefs here, but true divine power lies in the hands of the god (and its pantheon) that is placed on the Arcanum Crystals.

Arcanum Crystals
The arcanum crystals are the large crystal structures the exist in each of the five kingdom capitals. These crystals are believed to significantly increase the power of the god or goddess who is placed upon the crystal in effigy. When the statue of a deity is placed on the stone they receive a significant bump in their divine influence in both this world and other worlds. The battle for the crystals is the primary driving force behind the conflict between kingdoms and noble houses. Read More ..
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