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New Player Guide

From Sanctuary Shard

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New Character Creation

When creating your character for the first time, the client will take you through a variety of steps. Because of the customization for this shard, some of these options don't have any effect, or possibly have an adverse effect.

New Character 1.png

First of all, make sure that your chosen race is human, as choosing either Gargoyle or Elf will result in you entering the game as a bald, brightly-colored human. This is fixable by staff, of course, but it's just easier to pick human from the beginning. There are custom hairstylists over the bank in the starter town, save your starter gold.

New Character 2.png

Next, the game asks you to pick your starting template. Because of our customized .spec window, choosing a template at this point is superfluous. New characters begin with 60 skills points in all their chosen .spec skills, which will be chosen once you have entered the world.

New Character 3.png

And lastly, the game will ask you to choose a starting location. Again, with our custom maps, this is a superfluous step, as you will automatically arrive in Summer Isle. Just click the Next button to proceed.

Congratulations! You have successfully entered the world of Sanctuary!

Skills to Avoid as a New Player

The following types of skills are worth noting:

Skills we recommend

Build Suggestions

We have created a page of basic Build Suggestions based on our current and evolving updates to help new players make some suggestions.


When you die in-game you can be resurrected by a player, an NPC healer, or an ankh. Healer and ankh locations are marked on the WORLD MAP (not map) of the client. Zoom in to see the map labels. If you can not get back to your body, your items, minus gold and your loot bag, will go back to your bank in 10-15 mins.

Changing Text/Emote Colors

Since the default emote color especially is so difficult to read, changing your text colors is an important basic skill. However, the new Sanctuary Client has a dark journal option that has helped many others.

First, click on the Options button on your paperdoll:

This will bring up the Options menu. The tab you need is the second down on the right, that looks like an eye:
Once on that tab, scroll down slightly until you see the little colored squares. Click on one of them (such as the emote color square) and it will bring up a color picker, as so:

From there, simply pick a color. The best range for an easily readable color choice is to slide the slider all the way to the right (the lightest set). These colors mostly tend to show up very pale in the game window (making them easily read on most surfaces/backgrounds) but dark in the journal window (making them easily read on the parchment-color background.)


Don't forget to set your .look!

We have a lovely custom description system, accessed via .look; this command both looks at others, and gives you access to edit your own. Just do a .look on yourself, then click "Edit Description" at the bottom. You can use some basic html markup here, such as to add a link to a picture you uploaded elsewhere, or to force line breaks. Read Me..

Postal System

We have a very useful custom postal service available via the Postmaster NPC. The basic postal system allows you to send a container or book to any other character (you can search by name), send items COD, and order custom items from crafters. Read Me..

Job System

If you need some quick cash, you can take "jobs" from any of the Master NPCs. The idea is that a vendor will pay you for your time as if you were harvesting and selling a resource, but this doesn't require any skill or any hunting.

  • Single-click on any Master NPC and select "Job", or say "vendor job" near one. You will start earning 3 gold every 5 seconds, which amounts to 2160 gold per hour.
  • You MUST stay within 4 tiles of the NPC to keep working. If you move out of range, the work will stop.
  • You can work for a maximum of 90 minutes every 24 hours.

Saving your fun

Your new and everything is confusing but fun and you'd like to keep a track of what's been said so you can look at it later well never fear just read this page!


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