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Summer Isle

From Sanctuary Shard

Under the protection of the Grey Rider, Summer Isle is as lovely and as peaceful as any traveller to Sanctuary might hope. The beautiful architecture spans half a dozen cultures, and has been known by many different names over the millennia; including the Grey Havens and Sommerset. Upon your arrival in Sanctuary, it will be here that you arrive -- just outside of town, in a building that some claim resembles a large boot. The cobbler's wife is a friendly sort, and always has tea on for those heroes in need of a bit of bracing as they adjust to their new home.

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Whether it is the picturesque aspect of the small cluster of homes of varied architecture styles, or the welcoming smile worn by those who reside in Summer Isles, it is obvious this place of tranquility is worth protecting. Though few have had the privilege of speaking to the Grey Rider who has ensconced this bit of wonder, his strength is revered by ALL who inhabit this, friend or foe.


Upon being transported to this quaint city, be sure to visit the town square where you will find Mansi the Banker, in the building directly north, ready to offer some financial advice. However, if financial stability is not your number one priority, then perhaps venture a bit east of the bank, towards the outdoor crafting pavilion to speak with Rutherford, the local barkeep who often knows the most titillating of rumors.

Outside of the City

Whatever you decide, though the city of Evervale is a safe haven and the most heinous of creatures do not exist in the Summer Isles, this is not to say it is a place void of danger. Should you feel a bit adventurous and decide to travel North towards the snow and come upon an ice fortress, or west and come across dark-stoned ruins, be on your guard. Though some of the mysteries you may witness in the Summer Isles are enchanting, some, especially those in the dark forest, can leave the inexperienced in peril.

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