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November 12,2020: Our Winter Story Arc has began, Read More. Auto-account creation. Please join us in Discord.
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From Sanctuary Shard

It is our intention to allow all new players to start on a starter facet until they are ready to put in their application. We intend to keep applications simple.

Native Races

July 1, 2020
We have implemented Native Races. We require players to submit applications for Native Characters. This will continue until such time as we feel the wiki information is robust enough to support removing the application requirement. Players who have been here for at least three months are allowed (and encouraged) to progress their character's storyline until they believe they are in fact native themselves.
Not all native races can be played. If that is unclear please contact Lara in Discord via DM. If there is no detailed sub-race page for the native character you are interested in, you will need to play the character as a Traveler.

Before You Apply

There is no urgency for you to submit your application. The shard is set up on auto account creation and you can get in and explore right now. Feel free to take some time to understand the storyline and then figure out how best you might craft a character to be involved.

  1. Updates to the application are logged here.
  2. Read the Application Guidelines.
  3. Be familiar with the map & facets.
  4. Review estate ownership.
  5. Know the options for Housing if you intend to have a house or shop.
  6. Read the Rules.
  7. Review this Player vs Player (Overview)

Who MUST Apply

We love to see your character application, but it isn't a barrier to membership. There are only three required reasons for the application.

  1. You want a shape change.
  2. You wish to use a special role-play ability.
  3. You want to be an estate owner you will need an approved character application on file.


Your arrival in Sanctuary, which is called Cuiviénen by the Aelfeyn, begins on Summer Isle, home to the Grey Rider. An island in the western sea which is a true sanctuary. The Grey Rider protects his lands from the ravages of war, making it an excellent location for vacation and commerce. Most of the heroes keep homes or shops here where they are able to welcome new realm arrivals.

Ask yourself this question when considering character ideas: "If my character is not going to further some god's own agenda, why was my character brought here in the first place."

Player Application

Discord Id -
Please give us the discord account name that we can use to message you on discord.
Previous Characters
If you have played on our shards in the past by what names would we know you.
Character Name -
We require role-play appropriate names. Names using odd characters or capitalization are not allowed.
Character Race & Sub-Race-
We want to know what Sanctuary race best suits your character and what their sub-race is. Since we allow you to bring in a sub-race from a variety of other fictional worlds please let us know what the source for your characters sub-race is. Example: Aelfeyn, sub-race D&D Drow.
Alternate Graphic
If you want to shape change into a graphic other than human, what graphic is it? (It helps if you give us the name (not number) out of Inside UO, or a link to a picture of the graphic.)
Character Description -
Please provide details such as height, skin and hair color, and any deviations from human normal.
Shard Plot Line (Strengths & Weaknesses)-
Tell us what value your character will be to the shard storyline, and what weaknesses he/she has that may be exploited. Read More ..
Special Role-play Ability-
We expect that all characters will come into Sanctuary with a wide range of racial varieties. We expect that you will use existing game mechanics, items, skills, etc to support any racial or personal ability that you want to claim in your RP. However, you may document ONE ability that can not be represented by mechs, and doesn't require visual in-game support to sell. Please keep it to something that lasts no longer than the length of a RP session.
Previous World
Please let us know what previous world your character is coming from. (As a reminder we don't allow PC's to be native to this world, so the character had to have come from some place else.)
Backstory -
400 words or less. You may not play a native to Sanctuary, but your character can have arrived any time within the last 10 years.
Submit to the Forums


Staff will respond to your application with their thumbs up or may ask further questions. After you have received 3 thumbs up an admin will review applications and give final approval before moving the application to the Character Application Archive' board. Please be patient, this process can take some time, but remember you do not need to wait to get in game, you can create your character immediately. The application process is solely to implement your shape change and/or world map access and does not limit you from creating characters.

Once Approved
You can now page in game to get your shape change and/or race setup.

Alliance Application

Sanctuary does not currently support normal UO guilds. The guild system is reserved for political alliance role-play on the main land, Cuiviénen. If you feel there is a need for another political group in the role-play you may fill out an Alliance Application and post it to the forums here. Please note that this is not the application for estate owners which requires just the normal character application.

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