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Map & Facets

From Sanctuary Shard

We will be using three of the UO map slots.

  1. Summer Isle, a small pretty map with a completely custom land and buildings will be home to new players, casual RP, light hunting, crafting and "safe housing". Summer Isle is rated-PG and RP requested but relaxed -- we expect a certain level of ooc need to explain things game mechs. Summer Isle exists fictionally in the waters to the west of Cuiviénen.
  2. Cuiviénen which uses the main UO map, is completely custom and the largest of the maps. Cuiviénen hosts the RPCSS estates and player-driven story line. Cuiviénen is rated "adults-only" and is RP required.
  3. The third map is used for Underhill. Underhill exists just below Cuiviénen and is our primary high-end hunting map. Underhill is rated PG, is RP Optional, and may have its own seer run storylines.

About the Map

  1. All characters begin on Summer Isle, a UO map facet that is separate from the World Stage map. Summer Isle is the new player area as well as the safe zone and crafting/market center for the shard.
  2. Fictionally, Summer Isle is protected by the Grey Rider and is where the heroes and "nobility" go to get away from the politics and hassle of the royal courts.
  3. The mainland map which we refer to as Cuiviénen or "The World Stage" is as large as can be made in UO and occupies the UO Felucca facet. The large size of the map is a necessary implementation to create the sense of immersion required for RPCSS.
  4. We do not expect the towns on the mainland to have a large enough player population to generate day to day role-play.

Players are cautioned to manage their expectations regarding the kingdom capitals becoming "role-play centers" and should treat the mainland cities as backdrops to the political role-play generated by RPCSS.

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