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Raeyithia Religion

From Sanctuary Shard

The people of Raeyithia, like those of the Aelfeyn tend towards dual-gender pairs that cross multiple aspects and break gender roles. Since the fall of the Thorn King an ancient religion of a white lady, Druantia, and a horned lord, Herne.

Druantia and Pan


From surviving texts an ancient tradition born of Atlantean, Muiri and Aelfeyn beliefs.

A book was delivered to the princess of Raeyithia late the following afternoon. The woman who brought wore long homespun skirts which covered a set of cloven feet and a long cows tail. She spoke only briefly to the porter at the castle saying only that “The lady in white had told her to bring it to the castle for the young princess.”

The great age of the book, covered in pure white embossed leather and hinged with dark horn fittings indicated clearly that this was a book of great worth and power. The porter, a young man of indistinct human-muiri birth quickly brought the book to a second footman, who brought it to the lady's chambers. When questioned, he repeated only the words given by the cotter’s wife.


Upon investigation, the book was revealed to contain a great number of prayers, invocations, charms, and folk tales which chronicled the existence of a secret cult. It would become quickly apparent that this was a work of ancient worship that has survived under the very noses of the Thorn King’s followers.

A religion that centered around a white lady and a horned lord. She was described as being of a great natural beauty, a powerful huntress, a witch of extraordinary skill and a kind and gentle healer. She would be called by a number of different names in the annals of history, to most she would be known as Druantia, but other names such as Diana, Artemis, Ivory, Tatianna and Tana.

Her companion, lover and mate was described as a horned and green man, strong and proud, a lover of drink and fields and the dark forbidding forests. He was possessed of a wilder nature then his lady, eager to embrace new adventures and explore new lands. He was often referred to simply as the Horned Lord, but he also had other names; Puck or Pan, Oberon and Endymion.

It is hard to say if this surviving religion belongs to the Aelfeyn, the Muiri or is a romance of ancient traditions brought to Cuiveinein from the Atlanteans. Either way, it would not take long for the young princess to understand that this was the hope for her people, a return to a beloved earth, a fluid transition between genders and a guide for reconnecting with both her people and her allies.

For surely The Horned Lord might as easily refer to Cernonous of the west, and perhaps the lore of the White Lady spoke of traditions shared with the newly installed Yrsa. Unity and security beckoned the young princess who vowed to see this once secret tradition given pride and recognition.

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