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Kingdom of Kraestret

From Sanctuary Shard

The Kingdom of Kraestret, is a land that possesses an eerie charm. The capital city Drökkburg is gothic in design, with wrought iron having been blended together with cobble stones to form an imposing city. Eccentric is one word that may be used to describe the privileged inhabitants who seek above all else power.

“The privilege of supremacy is not inherited but machinated.” Is a motto of Kraestret.

Those of Kraestret know their worth and think highly of their abilities. They believe being in their presence is a privilege. They spend the majority of their time preoccupied with what will be rather than what is—something demonstrated by their goal-oriented mentality. The capital city Drökkburg, is elegant with an air of mystery. The imposing structures of the city and the usage of a wide variety of materials in its composition (cobble stones, wood, wrought iron), exemplify the diversity presented by the city’s citizens.

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Kraestret Today

Like all of the Kingdoms, Kraestret is a player-ran city who's rulership may ebb and flow with the tides of war. For a current status of Kraestret please review the kingdom thread on the forums.


Kraestret has had a dark and conflicting history of racial incursion and cleansing. The first to truly settle and name the area were the Nemed, Slavic and eastern germanic human race. They would interbreed with the Fomorians of the area and a race of dark dwarves, the Duergar, would be born. Next, the Alfar and Jotunn would arrive, staying for a few generations with the Nemed, before most moving farther east into Midrvegr leaving behind a race of dark elves, the Drokkalfar.

But it would be the arrival of the Andals that would spark the heart of darkness in Drökkburg when the Svartalmane, descendants of the Drokkalfar, would lay a curse upon the invading humans. A curse that would backfire and the Vampir would make its way into the annals of Kraestret history.

Today, the city is home to those dark elves, dark dwarves, slavic cultures, werewolves, witches and Vampire who are finally able to emerge from the darkness and shadows and reclaim to heritage.


Sly, intelligent, forward thinkers, ruthless in terms of their goal and pursuits, charming especially when after something.
They are not opposed to slavery and in some instances examples of indentured servitude exist. If given the chance to force someone into slavery due to a debt, many Kraestretians will take the opportunity. Although slavery is not a consistent part of cultures social structure.
Mainly common tongue though on occasion Proto-Germanic.
Given the very nature of Sanctuary, new languages and words enter the kingdom daily. Language develops slowly, while slang can develop very quickly. The villagers, in all places except Emlyn, have become used to new words, especially those of the ruling class which are often picked up quickly by the younger generation. In general, however, there are some trends that exist across the realms. Read More ...
Import & Exports
It is our intention to implement in-game resource nodes which may be controlled via RPCSS. The kingdom pages provide some general fictional ideas as to what types of imports and exports are traditional for each of the kingdoms. Advanced in-game resources, such as magical ores, may eventually be claimed by different RPCSS player teams, thereby restricting player access to these resources. Read More ...
Family, Marriage, Divorce
Marriage in Kraestret is all about furthering one's personal or family goals. Certainly, couples marry for love, but one is expected to have the good sense of loving someone who is their personal or social equal. Because marriages are about securing alliances most marriages involve some form of contract that negotiates expectations and commitments. Divorce certainly happens when a contract is broken. Children are typically raised by caregivers who are paid for by trust funds negotiated during the betrothal. It's not uncommon for even children of middle income families to be raised by reliable caregivers.
The people of Kraestret were never truly devout followers of the Thorn King, instead, like most things in their culture, only what a god or goddess would do for them was important. During the two millennia that the Thorn King was in power, the people of Kraestret did as was expected of them for weekly services and privately still turned to local shrines set up to near-forgotten heroes and spirits. It would not be until Yrsa-as-Hel is paired with Veles upon the Arcanum Crystals would a countrywide religion become established. Read More ..
Religion has changed a great deal in the last century for all of the kingdoms since the fall of the Thorn King. As non-human peoples re-emerge into the light they bring with them both ancient traditions and new needs for religion and spirituality. The religion of this kingdom, like all kingdoms, is a synthesis of such. Read More ..
The government consists of councils. They are often magical, religious, or trade related. Sometimes they are councils of equal power, sometimes they are puppet councils or shadow councils. In the past there have been dictators who have eventually been overrun by marauding groups. The machination nature of those of Kraestret, make it so that the tides of power often change.
The native people of Sanctuary are have become accustomed to unusual and sweeping changes in the leadership and ruling class of their individual kingdoms as noble houses, both great and small ever vie for control of the lands. This fiction is brought to life in the web-based game RPCSS which allows for player teams to compete for control of estates, strongholds, castles and the five capitals. However, each kingdom has its own traditions of leadership, some of which have been in implementation for centuries.
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