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Kingdom of Raeyithia

From Sanctuary Shard

The Kingdom of Raeyithia is never ending springtime buffeted by soft warm breezes fragrant with heather and lavender. The capital, Tarașinău, is born of beauty and bravery, a magical fairy tale city, encircled by a hedge wall, home to many of the Aelfeyn, Muiri and lowlander Hoggur.

“Live for today, never tomorrow.” Is a motto of Raeyithians.

The lighthearted nature of Raeyithians, as well as their appreciation for youth and beauty is demonstrated in the light, welcoming architecture presented throughout Tarașinău. Cobblestone pathways, enchanting foliage and whimsical structures akin to what one would think about when imagining a fairy city situated on the Irish countryside. They are passionate to a fault and tend to be idealistic. They do not worry about the future because as their motto implies tomorrow is never a guarantee. This is not to say they do not appreciate stories of the past, but usually only those that are idealized stories of romance and courage.

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Raeyithia Today

Like all of the Kingdoms, Raeyithia is a player-ran city who's rulership may ebb and flow with the tides of war. For a current status of Raeyithia please review the kingdom thread on the forums.


It is perhaps the people of Raeyithia who were most affected by the Thorn King Era. While the earliest era saw the Cimmerian and Fomorians people getting along about as well as to be expected, Raeyithia belonged for the most part to the Children of the Forest. This native race, the progenitors of both the Muiri and later Aelfeyn races lived as one with the natural world in the abundant forests of the kingdom. Trouble might have occasionally arisen with the more warlike Cimmerians and Fomorians, but the Children could easily entreat or manipulate things back to their pleasing. They were ruled by a summer and winter court who's influence rose and fell with the season.

It would be the arrival of the Tuatha De Danann who would force the Children out of their native mounds. Many of the children would flee, but even more, would be brought to heel by the more powerful Tuatha De Danann. For centuries, the Children would exist under the yoke of servitude. Yet things would go from bad to worse when the Andals arrived and the Thorn King Era began. They quickly learned that life under the Tuatha De Danann was humane treatment in comparison to Andals. The Tuatha De Danann managed to manipulate the arriving humans into believing they were allies of some such, but eventually, they too were forced into mixed marriages and The Gentry would develop as half-Aelfeyn descendants. The remaining Children of the Forest were hunted down and demonized along with the Fomorians, finally devolving into what we know as the Muiri today.

Since the end of the Thorn King, most of the Andals and worshipers of the Thorn King have been forced out of the kingdom. The Muiri and Gentry enacted a cleansing of their own, restoring ancient gods and bringing back a return of lost traditions. The two races, for the first time ever, are united in their desire to reclaim their homeland. Sympathetic humans, many with tainted blood, and Hoggur from north and south return to the city of Tarașinău hoping to regain power now that they are out from under the yoke of Andal dominion.


Reckless, impulsive, vain, determined, self-absorbed, brave to a fault, fashionable, mannerly, clean, elegant, refined, silly social rules, pomp and circumstance.
The kingdom of Raeyithia only keeps slaves that are summoned or created creatures; familiars, homunculi, golems, constructions, house elves etc. Any slave that is miserable and not happy being a slave is too much drama for those of Raeyithia.
They speak a variety of proto-elven languages as well as proto-gaelic and common.
Given the very nature of Sanctuary, new languages and words enter the kingdom daily. Language develops slowly, while slang can develop very quickly. The villagers, in all places except Emlyn, have become used to new words, especially those of the ruling class which are often picked up quickly by the younger generation. In general, however, there are some trends that exist across the realms. Read More ...
Import & Exports
Wine, herbs, soft cheeses
It is our intention to implement in-game resource nodes which may be controlled via RPCSS. The kingdom pages provide some general fictional ideas as to what types of imports and exports are traditional for each of the kingdoms. Advanced in-game resources, such as magical ores, may eventually be claimed by different RPCSS player teams, thereby restricting player access to these resources. Read More ...
Performing arts, spiritualists in addition to all of the regular crafts, soft drugs, mind altering experiences.
Family, Marriage, Divorce
Very fluid, polyamorous, gender and sexual orientation flexible.
The people of Raeyithia, like those of the Aelfeyn tend towards dual-gender pairs that cross multiple aspects and break gender roles. Since the fall of the Thorn King an ancient religion of a white lady, Druantia, and a horned lord, Herne. Read More ..
Religion has changed a great deal in the last century for all of the kingdoms since the fall of the Thorn King. As non-human peoples re-emerge into the light they bring with them both ancient traditions and new needs for religion and spirituality. The religion of this kingdom, like all kingdoms, is a synthesis of such. Read More ..
Art & Literature
More so than in other cities Art and Literature has flourished in Raeyithia. Performances in city streets are common place. Eclectic would best define the type of artistry you will find here—poets, actors, musicians, as well as more eccentric performers such as acrobats and mimes can be found in Raeyithia.
Law & Criminals
The legal courts of Raeyithia have been streamlined by the use of magical investigation tools which provide nearly accurate determination between truth and lies. Only magic users of great skill have proven able to hoodwink the powerful objects and chambers used to catch thieves and murderers.
Raeyithia is typically ruled by a Lord and Lady as the ruling house is usually lead by one of the Aelfeyn who generally assume they have a right to rulership.
The native people of Sanctuary are have become accustomed to unusual and sweeping changes in the leadership and ruling class of their individual kingdoms as noble houses, both great and small ever vie for control of the lands. This fiction is brought to life in the web-based game RPCSS which allows for player teams to compete for control of estates, strongholds, castles and the five capitals. However, each kingdom has its own traditions of leadership, some of which have been in implementation for centuries.
Expanded Lore for Natives
Expanded lore on Raeyithia for native charactres and estate holders; religion, world view, honor and reputation, intelligent animals, magic, and the living countryside. Read More ..
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