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Kingdom of Andus

From Sanctuary Shard

The Kingdom of Andus cuts through the veil of sand and wind, presenting a civilization refined by the knowledge and wisdom of centuries. The ancient architecture and monumental beauty of the capital city, Al Shadiya, shows all who visit a glimpse of both the sacred past and the treasured future.

“Take my material possessions, but my true value, that of the wisdom and knowledge I’ve attained, is forever mine.” -- A motto of Andusians.

The zest for knowledge and wisdom inherent to those of Andus is apparent in not only the way they hold themselves, but in the architecture prevalent throughout the capital city. Intricate designs, buildings with elaborate connecting walls and the symmetry often found in some of the most notable structures, represent a small fraction of the charm and craftsmanship possessed by inhabitants. Hospitable in nature, Andusians yearn to be better individuals at every turn, while respecting the traditions and customs which have been part of their culture for centuries.

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Andus Today

Like all of the Kingdoms, Andus is a player-ran city who's rulership may ebb and flow with the tides of war. For a current status of Andus please review the kingdom thread on the forums.


The Daeves were already in Andus when the Rhoynar arrived. The arrival of the Tuatha De Danann into Raeyithia would push the Children of the Forest down into Andus. Eventually the Atlanteans would arrive and enslave the Rhoynar until they themselves would be enslaved the the arrival of the Andals two thousand years ago.

Like the rest of Cuiviénen, Humans became the dominant race during the Era of the Thorn King. A half-breed Aelfeyn race known as the Aldaayiein were forced to keep their abilities hidden and only now is their wonder and magic seen on the streets of Al Shadiya. Many Euresu, a half-breed Titan race, fled to the land of Thule or agreed to publically convert to the dominant monotheistic religion of the kingdom. Other Hoggur races, such as the Minotaur and Centaur, unable to hide or flee, were enslaved and have only recently been freed. Some Hoggur, such as the Naga, who had also fled across the southern seas, are finally returning to the bustling trade capital.


Al Shadiya
Intrepid, strong sense of worth, honorable, strong strength of mind, committed to pursuits and goals, generous, hospitable, value family above all else, and have a good sense of humor.
They do keep slaves, both personal and for use in armies. Gladiators are often slaves. If someone is unable to pay a debt and family circle is unable to help them pay the debt, someone who was once free may become enslaved.
The primary language of Andus is Andalusian with a smattering of other proto-Arabic and proto-Latin dialects.
Given the very nature of Sanctuary, new languages and words enter the kingdom daily. Language develops slowly, while slang can develop very quickly. The villagers, in all places except Emlyn, have become used to new words, especially those of the ruling class which are often picked up quickly by the younger generation. In general, however, there are some trends that exist across the realms. Read More ...
Import & Exports
Clay and glass items of all variety are exported, as are horses, which are both bred for speed and endurance. Exotic clothing and fabrics are also common exports. As for foods, citrus fruits, teas, dates, and nuts. They often have to import certain foods, such as wheat and corn.
It is our intention to implement in-game resource nodes which may be controlled via RPCSS. The kingdom pages provide some general fictional ideas as to what types of imports and exports are traditional for each of the kingdoms. Advanced in-game resources, such as magical ores, may eventually be claimed by different RPCSS player teams, thereby restricting player access to these resources. Read More ...
Horse breeders, ceramic and tailor craftsman, astronomers, and jewelers.
Family, Marriage, Divorce
As is the case in all of the kingdoms, traditions change as new heroes arrive and gain political power and social popularity. Andus has had perhaps the most recent and most significant change in the last two generations. While once a traditional patriarchal society, bound by conservative monotheistic morality, a sexual revolution swept first the noble houses, then the capital and finally the outer tribes. The previous generation gained significant social, legal and economic freedoms which unbound them from the control of their fathers and husband. They raised their children, both sons and daughters, to view both genders as equal in rights of property, employment and sexual freedoms.
But no change of this magnitude is ever complete within a generation or three, and many families and tribes are fighting to re-establish ancient traditions. As history often tells on Sanctuary, it will be the new heroes who will sway the tide of ethics and morality.
It was only by a thin margin of theology that the Kingdom of Andus was able to maintain, for the most part, its own monotheistic worship during the Thorn King Era. Holy Acrab, kept and held sway in Andus when all other kingdoms fell to the religion of the Andals. In the decades since the fall, two other gods have come into supremacy in this sun-soaked and jasmine-scented kingdom. Cassia, the war hero of Thule and Hekanani, the ancient god-goddess of magic, prophecy and medicine.Read More ..
Religion has changed a great deal in the last century for all of the kingdoms since the fall of the Thorn King. As non-human peoples re-emerge into the light they bring with them both ancient traditions and new needs for religion and spirituality. The religion of this kingdom, like all kingdoms, is a synthesis of such. Read More ..
Art & Literature
Due to their appreciation for both knowledge and wisdom, those of Andus have been known to have an extensive interest in both art and literature. Storytellers are highly revered. As is both the ability to write and read-—a skill taught to all. Those who show an aptitude are also often taught calligraphy. As for art, tribal dancing is something both men and woman partake in. However, women of Andus are better known for their skill in upper torso isolation movements, (belly dancing). Additionally, the ancient practice of storytelling through painted images is also a skill those of Andus practice.

Belly Dance.jpg

Law & Criminals
Due to the tribal nature of Andusians, anyone who is sought to have broken laws (within the structure of the tribe), are brought to the tribal leader for judgement. If a crime has been committed against a member of a foreign tribe, the issue is then brought to the leader of the Royal house of Andus, for mediation/judgement. Those who carry out the judgement (whether is it death or lashing), are the familial relations of those victim—so honor/justice can be served.
Typically, they are lead by a Sultan. However, individual tribes/ruling houses exist and give their loyalty to the ruling/royal house.
The native people of Sanctuary are have become accustomed to unusual and sweeping changes in the leadership and ruling class of their individual kingdoms as noble houses, both great and small ever vie for control of the lands. This fiction is brought to life in the web-based game RPCSS which allows for player teams to compete for control of estates, strongholds, castles and the five capitals. However, each kingdom has its own traditions of leadership, some of which have been in implementation for centuries.
Expanded Lore for Natives
Expanded lore on Andus for native charactres and estate holders; overview, failings, hospitality, slavery, gossip, clothing, and proverbs. Read More ..
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