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Category:Native Hoggur

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Hoggur are, quite literally, the salt of the earth. Sometimes, they are the dirt of the earth; occasionally the marshes, swamps and bogs. Hoggur are creatures of the earth, the deep earth where roots tangle and treasure grows. Hoggur believe that their origins lay within the earth itself, and perhaps even with the great world serpent Jormungandr. Many Hoggur are of giant sub-races, but the race also includes dwarves, gnomes and goblins. If a human has a bulbous nose, it might be said, "He's got a bit of Hoggur in him."

Hoggur are unusually strong, densely-boned, large-headed, and prefer to keep both feet on the ground. Unusual traits such as more than one head or extra limbs are more common in the Hoggur and are usually a sign of good breeding. The racial culture tends to view most deformities and scars in a good light, while being excessively pretty tends to make others suspicious. There is perhaps a natural inclination to expect animal shape shifters or tree spirits to be Hoggur, but this isn't usually the case. One of the common aspects of Hoggur is their desire to burrow, mine or dig, not leap gracefully through the forest floor or treetops.

Hoggur society is guided by a council of elders. This council is comprised of the oldest, fattest, and most respected members of the race and individual sub-races. Hoggur are perhaps not the most intelligent of the races, but with age comes a level of wicked cunning that does well at keeping this race free from all but the most determined stupidity. The council prefers to meet in ancient caves and caverns thick with smoke from a variety of favorite pipe weeds. Read More ...

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  • All Hoggur are weakened by gold; even those subraces such as dwarves that love it -- gold is literally their downfall.
Physical Traits
Stronger then humans.
Tied to the earth, can not leap or jump well.
Large-boned and muscular, regardless of height.


Sub-Race Hoggur Races Sub-Race Hoggur Races
A race of half human-half Nemed-Hoggur dark dwarves living in Kraestrat. They are shorter than human average, but not as short as natural dwarves, allowing them to have passed, for the most part, as humans during the Thorn King Era. Now as the power of the Thorn King has broken, entire families of Duergar have emerged to broadly claim their heritage. Read More ..
The Jot, as a race, formed in the centuries just before the rise of the Thorn King. The Jot are close cousins to the Alfarians both in temperament and in bloodline. The two races are essentially a blend of all three races, not just two, for the Jot generally have at least some Ljósálfar ancestry, and many in western Midrvegr and parts of Kraestrat claim Drokkalfar ancestry. It is the obvious Jotunn blood that determines who is Jot. Read More ..
When the Titans arrived in Andus from Thule they discovered Rhoynar an olive skin and dark-haired people with a natural skill for water magic. The Titans did what they do best, they enslaved the Rhoynar and set about building a significant naval fleet. The intersection of Titan and Rhoynar produced a half breed race known as the Euresu. By the time the Andals arrived, nearly 500 years later, the Euresu had become one of the dominant races and their Titan progenitors had slowly receded due to low birth rate. Read More ..

The Minotaur history is pretty well detailed in History Vol 2: The Muiri from Then to Now and History Vol 4: Hoggur. They either arrived alongside the Atlanteans or were bred by them. Certainly, they accompanied the Titans when they arrived in Andus and subjugated the Rhoynar. This was perhaps a golden age for the Hoggur of Thule. They built much of Andus using the native sandstone and ruled over a predominantly Greco-Roman society. Read More ..
The Frem are a Cimmerian-Fomorian blended race that developed during the Thorn King Era. They are known for their affinity for the sea, their striking red-hair, and Gaelic cultural tendencies. The Frem are one of the few half-breed races that managed to maintain a consistent bloodline. This is more due to their natural insular nature and time spent on board ship rather than purposeful inter-breeding. Travellers to Sanctuary might recognize the cultural elements of Earth's Irish, the Ironborn of Westeros, and the Ceiki/Soiba of Comraich. Read More ..
The Orcs arrived three thousand years ago upon the heels of the Noldorians and Dúnedain. The origins of the Orcs were unclear even to their fellow travelers from Middle-Earth. They would make their way into the northern mountains and deep caves of Emlyn where they would continue their battle against the elves and humans of their homeland. This would continue until the Andals arrived and helped those of Emlyn to finally defeat the Middle-Earth Orcs. Read More ..
The Goblins arrived about the same time as the Orcs, approximately 3000 years ago, but they came in on the eastern coast of Cuiveinen, at which is now Raeyithia. They arrived with the Tuatha De Danann to whom they were second class citizens at best and slaves at worst. Read More ..
The Smallfolk are a sub-race of Hoggur who trace their ancestry back to the Fomorians. Sanctuary has never been home to segregated races of Smallfolk in the way most Travelers consider. The scholors at Meissa do not define gnomes, halflings, hobbits, kender, or dwarves as distinct sub-races, but rather as clans of Smallfolk. While certainly, this lack of distinction occasionally offends a new arrival to our lands, the native Smallfolk are as much a product of blending bloodlines as the big folk are. Read More ..
Ancient (Application Required)
Most of the original and ancient Hoggur sub-races have left civilization behind and retreated to the far corners of the mainland and or deep into Underhill. These sub-races, Fomorian, Jotunn, and Titan, do not generally interact with player characters and require applications to be played.
Limited or Feral Populations
There are other Hoggur sub-races, such as the Naga, Troll, Ogre, Terathan, Lizard Men, Cyclops, Swamp Dragons, Rat Men and Ettin, that are either so rare or so hostile to other races as to have no wiki presence. Please play them as a traveler.

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