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From Sanctuary Shard


The Frem are a Cimmerian-Fomorian blended race that developed during the Thorn King Era. They are known for their affinity for the sea, their striking red-hair, and Gaelic cultural tendencies. The Frem are one of the few half-breed races that managed to maintain a consistent bloodline. This is more due to their natural insular nature and time spent on board ship rather than purposeful inter-breeding. Travellers to Sanctuary might recognize the cultural elements of Earth's Irish, the Ironborn of Westeros, and the Ceiki/Soiba of Comraich.

During the Thorn King Era the Frem were accepted as being "human enough" and otherwise left alone, if not often scorned. It was a good thing too, for the non-human aspects of the Fomorians presented themselves in the most unusual way. The Fomorian creation myth is that they came from the sea and this would seem to be born out when the cross-breeding with Cimmerians produces a race of people who were often born with non-humans traits such as webbed fingers, gills, weather magic, sea-animal shape changes such as seals, green or blue-tinged skin, scaley patches, ability to hold their breath for long periods of time -- days even, etc.

Today, the Frem have begun to come out to the rest of the races and are discovered to be the back bone of most kingdom's naval fleet. The largest number of Frem live along the coast of Emlyn from Caerleon to Brekka.

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