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From Sanctuary Shard


The Minotaur history is pretty well detailed in History Vol 2: The Muiri from Then to Now and History Vol 4: Hoggur. They either arrived alongside the Atlanteans or were bred by them. Certainly, they accompanied the Titans when they arrived in Andus and subjugated the Rhoynar. This was perhaps a golden age for the Hoggur of Thule. They built much of Andus using the native sandstone and ruled over a predominantly Greco-Roman society.

When the Andals arrived and allied with the far more human-looking people of Andus, things would change for the Minotaur. Soon they would find themselves enslaved, forced to fight as shock troops, to entertain the people as gladiators or haul rock from the deep mines. Their population dwindled significantly, many turned feral and delved deep into Underhill. Others would make their way to Golmeuse and hope to find peace among other Hoggur.

The minotaur of today are a scattered and divided race, and though they have regained some of what they lost with the end of the Thorn King Era, the sands in Andus shift slowly and many still work the mines, fight in the pits or sell their blade to the highest bidder.

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