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From Sanctuary Shard


The Smallfolk are a sub-race of Hoggur who trace their ancestry back to the Fomorians. Sanctuary has never been home to segregated races of Smallfolk in the way most Travelers consider. The scholors at Meissa do not define gnomes, halflings, hobbits, kender, or dwarves as distinct sub-races, but rather as clans of Smallfolk. While certainly, this lack of distinction occasionally offends a new arrival to our lands, the native Smallfolk are as much a product of blending bloodlines as the big folk are.


Far more than being a simple catch-all for the D&D short races, the Smallfolk sub-race is intended to break stereotypical characterizations and introduce a broad culture that can include unique portrayals while still being a united people. With that said, we encourage players to be creative with their Smallfolk, and avoid trying to fit them into some previous rigid structure. If you really just love your Tolkien Dwarf, or Forgotten Realm Kender, they will fit in just fine as either native or traveler. Differences between Smallfolk come down to the family or clan they are from. Here are a few examples; feel free to craft your own.

Accounted as the most common surname in Cuiveinen. Brownstones are, by and large, the most human of any Smallfolk in the Sanctuary. They are therefore the tallest of the Smallfolk, with the least pointed ears.
Clan Bloodaxe
Live on the border between Kraestret and Emlyn, protecting the travellers along the great road. They have a high number of Ranger, tend to be gruff and warlike.
The Hayward Family
The family hall is located near Estervern and they are primarily wheat and barley farmers, well known for producing an excellent line of stouts, bocks, and brown ales. They tend to be jovial, easy going and generous.
Live in the forests between Kraestret and Raeyithia. The Undertree's mission is to protect the area from the Tuatha De Danann, and they have been holding to this mission for more than 2000 years. They tend to be wild, stealthy, and distrustful of strangers.
The Fenwings
Like the Undertrees, the Fenwings live in the marshy forests that border Raeyithia and Andus and are regular visitors to Golmeuse. The Fenwings identify more with the Sidhe and some have supposed that the Fenwings are actually descendants of these folk as their delicate bone structure and slender figures last well into adulthood.
The Moppers
Earned their unfortunate name on the decks of the Gentry tradeships. Originally brought aboard to serve as deck hands and laborers, the Moppers were a smart sly race that eventually gained their own ships, not necessarily in any legal manner, and built their family into a powerful house comprised of merchants, little better than pirates.
Clan Bodaddwyll
Are the most alike to their Frem neighbors, living on the north-western coast of the Emlyn. Red-faced and auburn-haired, Clan Bodaddwyll likes a good pub fight, full-breasted women, and naps in the afternoon.
Live along the northern border of Midrvegr. They are a respected, honorable family that has held their granted lands and title for more than 12 generations. A Smeltmail Lord is often adviser to the King and -at least two of them- have been acknowledged as the King's Right Hand.
One of the Smallfolk mining houses in Andus. They are excellent miners and have over time, purchased some of their own mines, and still managed the mines owned by the noble families of Andus. They are a powerful and politically savvy family.

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