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From Sanctuary Shard


Midrvegr legend tells us that the Alfar and Jotunn arrived together into the northeastern lands of Cuiveinen. Historians from Earth's medieval and Hyborian era have each reported that the Alfar and Jotunn are traditionally enemies. Early arrivals from a land known as Comraich suggest perhaps it was different in their lands. Regardless, the cooperative relationship between the Alfar and Jotunn resulted in a half breed Aelfeyn-Hoggur race known as the Trow. A race that was said to have disappeared almost in its entirety only a few generations after its inception.

News from recent sources shed some possible light on the story and opens up a number of interesting considerations. Travelers from a place known commonly as "The Kingdom" reported a race very much like that of the Trow and scholars from Meissa have confirmed the story citing only "reliable primary sources". It's a curious supposition; can races from here travel to other worlds? Historians and Aelfeyn alike cross their fingers that a tribe of this fascinating race might one day return.

Racial History | Playing a Native
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