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From Sanctuary Shard


The Orcs arrived three thousand years ago upon the heels of the Noldorians and Dúnedain. The origins of the Orcs were unclear even to their fellow travelers from Middle-Earth. They would make their way into the northern mountains and deep caves of Emlyn where they would continue their battle against the elves and humans of their homeland. This would continue until the Andals arrived and helped those of Emlyn to finally defeat the Middle-Earth Orcs.

Devastated and scattered, small bands of Orc clans would find their way into every corner of Cuiveinen until they were more populous then ogres and trolls. They would interbreed with, well anything they didn't otherwise eat, and a broad sub-race would develop. Their skin color ranges from a sallow-yellow to a burnt grey. They range in size from 4 feet to 12 or more feet in the brutes.

They are often confused with goblins by those who are unworthy scholars but the two races are, in fact, quite seperate and rarely themselves interbreed. However, half-orcs do exist and are generally accepted among orc clans.

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