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From Sanctuary Shard


Fomorians are by all accounts native to Sanctuary. They are a Hoggur sub-race and are the ancestor to what most travelers to Sanctuary would consider the giants, gnomes, trolls, dwarves and ogres. Given the origins of the Fomorians, it is not surprising that the various clans can be found throughout the mainland. Even before the Thorn King Era few native-born people understood that the varied giants, gnomes, trolls, dwarves and ogres were once part of the same race.

Fomorians would eventually interbreed with the Cimmerians and a red-haired sea-going people called the Frem would emerge. Most Gnomes and dwarves would find ways to adapt and hide among humans during the era of the Thorn King, while the giants, trolls and ogres would form into small tribes and return to the wilderness and deep caves, their hatred of anything human formidable. In recent times, the gnomes and dwarves have emerged from hiding, proclaiming their non-human ancestry. However, it is doubtful that any Fomorian of any clan, even the feral trolls, giants and ogres, could be considered a pure-blood any longer.

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