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From Sanctuary Shard


When the Titans arrived in Andus from Thule they discovered Rhoynar an olive skin and dark-haired people with a natural skill for water magic. The Titans did what they do best, they enslaved the Rhoynar and set about building a significant naval fleet. The intersection of Titan and Rhoynar produced a half breed race known as the Euresu. By the time the Andals arrived, nearly 500 years later, the Euresu had become one of the dominant races and their Titan progenitors had slowly receded due to low birth rate.

The Euresu, a proud race would resist the conversion to monotheistic religion of the Father, keeping their traditional beliefs. Yet, the influence of the Andals and the rise of the priest-king religion would be impossible for even these powerful people to stand against. Many would choose to return to Thule, the land of their Titan ancestors, and others would convert in name only. But the slide of generations would eventually erode any cultural traditions left among those Euresu who remained on the mainland.

But, it would be forces of Euresu from Thule who would be pivotal in the war against the Thorn King and whole fleets of warriors in muscle cuirass would return to Andus to fight alongside the non-human uprising. Their leader would be a young Euresu heroine by the name of Cassia, the daughter of a powerful centurion. She would die in the first war, but her bold actions would give power once again to an ancient worship. Today, many Euresu can be found in the capital of Al Shadiya.

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