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From Sanctuary Shard


The Jot, as a race, formed in the centuries just before the rise of the Thorn King. The Jot are close cousins to the Alfarians both in temperament and in bloodline. The two races are essentially a blend of all three races, not just two, for the Jot generally have at least some Ljósálfar ancestry, and many in western Midrvegr and parts of Kraestrat claim Drokkalfar ancestry. It is the obvious Jotunn blood that determines who is Jot.

The Jot are far more human-looking then their ancestors and are considered to be half-hoggur by many. They are tall, reaching heights of nine feet with paler shades of swarthy skin and a broad range of hair color from blonde to black. They are intellectually smarter than their Jotunn ancestors which brings a fierce cunning to their renown martial skill.

Jot are the backbone of much of Midrvegr's armed forces and have the ability to 'hulk out' during battle in much the way a human Berzerker does, changing shape into the great form of the modern feral Jotunn. With the recent changes on the mainland, the feral Jotunn are reconnecting with their Jot descendants and a renewed interest in Jotunn religion and culture is developing.

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