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From Sanctuary Shard


The Titans arrive as a group known collectively as the Atlanteans. In fact, when most scholars speak of Atlanteans they mean the Titans, but in fact a great number of creatures lived on the Isle of Thule, and more then Titans might have arrived together. The Titans are believed to be responsible for the creation of the Muiri and Hoggur half-man/half-animal races. We discuss this in detail in Volume 2, the Muiri from then to now.

The Titans didn't survive the arrival of the Andals or the Thorn King Era any better than most other races. They were killed, enslaved, or driven out of civilized lands. However, the offshoot of the Titans and Rhoynar would be a group of people known as the Euresu. These Euresu were given the option to convert to the monotheistic Father religion or also be enslaved. A few converted and managed to find lives among the Arabic influenced humans, but whole groups of them fled the continent and returned to Thule where it is believed they maintain their Greco-roman lifestyle.

Today, any pure-blood Titans are likely only to be found outside of human civilizations living in a much-reduced state.

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