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From Sanctuary Shard


The Rhoynar are a race of humans who arrived in Sanctuary approximately three and a half millennia ago. Like most of the races of Sanctuary, pure-blooded Rhoynar are unlikely to be found during modern times. However, their traits of olive skin and dark hair are widespread in the people of Andus. Any traveller from Westeros would find the descendants of the Rhoynar to be quite familiar to those of Dorne.

In Aelfeyn of Andus history will report that the Rhoynar inter-bred with the Daeves and Daoine Sidhe to create a half-Aelfeyn race called the Aldaayiein. Later generations of pure-blood Rhoynar would be enslaved by the Titan who arrive from Thule, while their half-breed kin, Aldaayiein would be able to escape or avoid such a fate. Enslaved Rhoynar would soon find themselves pregnant with Titan children, and a new race of half-Hoggur called the Euresu would be produced.

Today, humans of Rhoynar ancestry live all over the continent with the heavest percentage still calling Andus home and still claim to be some of the most powerful users of water magic.

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