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The mainstay of most fantasy worlds, the terror of gothic novels, the romance of the night and fear of all small children -- humans are so much more then farm boy turned dread pirate. On Sanctuary, the humans understand it is their birthright that defines them. This race includes not only humans, but demi-humans, vampires, witches, lycanthropes and all who were born human.

Humans, and all sub-races, are found in nearly equal measure in all of the five kingdoms. Players who choose to play humans are actually considered demi-human, rather than a regular human. Demi-humans have greater strength, constitution, and reflexes than the average native human (NPC) -- they are heroes able to compete against non-humans.

Human history has been kept, as much as possible, by the world's scholars. And a breif overview might be found in History Vol 3: Humans.

Just as the other races have loose racial leadership the humans have kept a Court of the Night for more than six hundred years. There are 13 appointments where long-lived humans of all kingdoms may hold a seat for a term of nine years. This court, on the surface, seeks to maintain the rights and privileges for all humans. While the bench is consistently comprised of vampires, they are expected to serve the needs of all. This is not a land-based organization. Read More ...

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All human sub-races are weakened by silver, including player heroes (Demi-humans) who are stronger and more resilient than normal NPC humans.
Physical Traits
Physical appearance is "human possible".
All humans and their sub-races were born human with a normal human appearance.
Humans, especially demi-humans, have gained the ability to shapeshift along with their cursed lycanthrope and undead kin. Given the very nature of our iconographic world, demi-humans may have or have been granted the ability to embrace their totem or animal spirit. This is restricted to animal shapes and doesn't include any other humanoid race shapes. Berserkers are a perfect example of this.
Not Humans
If you wish to play a character that has been possessed by a demon or has a shape change brought about by a magical curse, then the race category is technically one of the Summons & Constructs because it will be salt that is your weakness, rather then silver.


Sub-Race This will include any character who was born human,
regardless of if it is still human or not.
There are practically no humans who are purebloods of their original people. When native humans speak of being Andal, Cimmerian, Dúnedain, Nemed, Rhoynar, or Rohirrim they mean that "they are more human than non-human" and consider themselves most closely aligned to these original people by culture and geographical location.
More then two thousand years of war and interracial marriage has created a number of muddy and tangled family trees. However, since the fall of the Thorn King many humans are reasserting their ancient traditions and beliefs.
“I am the darkness that prevails, the coldness in a fleeting stare—a creature forever tied to a curse that eternally binds.”
Initially the product of a blood curse brought about by Svartalmane practitioners, current Vampir can only contract the curse by drinking from another Vampire over a period of time. The transition takes a lunar cycle and no native Vampir currently alive is over 200 years. Vampir can be found predominantly in Kraestret as that is where their origin begins but certainly not where their story ends, for what is bound by blood is rarely easily forgotten or dissolved.
Berserkers & Lycanthropes
Berzerkers and Lycanthropes are technically two separate sub-races, but they share some common heritage. The Berzerker is one who only shifts into a bear, wolf, or boar\ during battle or times of stress. The Lycanthrope, including the werewolf, is "bitten not born" and can shift at will but must also shift during the full moon.
While the differences between the two to some may seem grand a vital similarity rings true to both. Whether the transformation is the culmination of rage and stress when in battle, or the product of infection via a bite, Berserkers and Lycanthropes have often shown the strength exhibited by their shifts are certainly more than skin-deep.
Sanctuary is a world heavily steeped in magic which is now easily accessible to both native people and travelers. What then differentiates the Witch from the rest of the population? What makes him or her worthy of being considered a separate sub-race? Is it simply natural talent that puts them at the top of their class? An early understanding of the spirit world? In another world, in another time, perhaps. But not so here. Read More ..
There are other types of native humans including; headless, shade, lich, banshee, ghouls, etc. If the creature exists in-game as a monster and is not a Summons & Constructs, then it is likely a native sub-race.
However, they do not typically intermingle with the rest of civilization and therefore do not have a write-up on this wiki, these sub-races should be played as a traveler.

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