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Children of the Forest

From Sanctuary Shard


The Children of the Forest are also known as the Daoine Sídhe and are a sub-race of Aelfeyn. The Children are very likely one of the native races of Sanctuary but have been forced to so heavily cross-breed with other sub-races that only a very few exist anywhere. The original Daoine Sídhe represented an entire range of smaller, darker-skinned people who had antlers, horns, tails or branches in their natural form, as well as unusual skin elements such as scales, bark or fur. Their history can be found in Volume 2, The Muiri from Then to Now. Were a traveler from Westeros to meet a pure-blood Daoine Sídhe they might recognize them as one of that land's Children of the Forest.

Those Children who stayed among humans in the central part of Cuiveinen during the arrival of the Tuatha De Danann and the Thorn King Era would become the Muiri, developing into a completely different race than that of the Aelfeyn. The Children would first become second class citizens and then demonized by the priests of the Thorn King. They would be reduced both in size and glory and develop traits such as wings, demi-forms, and true glamour. By the modern age, the Muiri would emerge as an entirely new race distinct from other Aelfeyn half-breeds.

In a second development path, those Daoine Sídhe who went south into Andus and inter-bred with the Daeves and the Rhoynar, produced a new people known as the Aldaayiein. You can read more about their history in Volume 1.1, the Aelfeyn of Andus.

We can assume that the Children of the Forest also went as far east as Midrvegr and as far west as Emlyn but what happened to them is not in recorded history. Most surmise that they are the ancestor of Midrvegr's Huldra people, the Erlkin of Kraestrat, and most cat-based lycanthropy.

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