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Playing a Native

From Sanctuary Shard

I'd like to provide some general advice on playing a native:

  1. The native races were opened July 1, 2020 and it will be several months before they are removed from the "application required" list. No matter how experienced a team is in writing racial lore, players will make assumptions not intended by the author. Applications allow the lore team to catch and correct any discrepancies.
  2. Know the overall kingdom culture well. Native character should be ran by players who are experienced in the culture of the kingdom.
  3. Read the racial histories, the sub-race page, and any other pages linked off the sub-race page. I've scattered details among ancestor, descendant, and companion races.
  4. It is normal for players to make up backstory and even history for their race, but please keep such additions to your character's family or small clan, don't make up entire history or culture for the sub-race as a whole.
  5. If you would like to write expanded history or culture for the sub-race we have a section on the boards where you can submit the information for approval.
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