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From Sanctuary Shard


The Aldaayiein are a half-Aelfeyn race which came about from the inter-breeding of the Daeves, the Children of the Forest and the Rhoynar. More of their history can be read in the Aelfeyn of Andus. The Aldaayiein are a modern race who passed as human during the Thorn King Era. Like their ancestors, the Aldaayiein are dark haired and dark-skinned.

"A strong breeze picks up speed and grains of sand littered the air. Try though he might to focus on the woman, he loses sight of her in the crowd. Before he laments the loss, the tip of a dagger pinches his side and a sultry voice, hot with the noon sands, whipsers. “You can’t capture the wind. Why even try?”

Aldaayiein have a number of potential magical abilities that manifest due to their unusual origins. Some would be born with the ability to call the Jinn, their powers kept secret for fear of reprisal. Others would gain an animal companion when they came of age, a companion with whom they could speak. These creatures, called daemons, would act as an extension of their human companion, even being able to feel pain. Others would find a natural ability to generate illusion. Whole families of Aldaayiein would take to the road and earn their living as travelling performers.

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