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The Andals are a race of people who arrived on Cuiveinen approximately 2200 years ago. Their history is explored in History Vol 3: Humans. It is unclear if the Andals are in fact one race from one dimension or perhaps three separate people from three different dimensions. Certainly, travelers from Earth and Westeros have brought tales of people similar in both appearance and temperament to the Andals. Either way, the Andals had a significant influence on the world of Cuivienen. With their arrival they would bring or develop a monotheistic worship that would dominate the entire continent and in a few centuries drive almost all of the non-humans into hiding or servitude as second class citizens.

Andals have a broad mix of generally caucasian traits and Germanic-Saxon traditions. They are the predominant race on Cuiveinin. While there may be a handful of "pure-blood" families left in the lands, those families are also likely to be fanatically devoted to the Thorn King. Most Andals would inter-marry with other humans, half-humans, and glamoured people over the last two millennia.

Since the defeat of the Thorn King's followers, many Andal families have had to radically adapt to the re-emergence of non-humans and the "public flaunting" of magical traits and skills that had been previously been deemed unacceptable. The younger generation has taken to the changes with a great deal more enthusiasm and embraced both the new religions and the more relaxed behavioral standards.

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