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From Sanctuary Shard


The birth of the Vampir on Sanctuary has been clearly blamed on the Svartalmane, a race of dark elves, more than 2000 years ago. The blood curse brought about by the working of Svartalmane practitioners would infect the human population -- first the Andals but the local Nemed as well. The blood curse was a terrible one that took a full lunar cycle to complete.

In the modern age, the curse can only be passed on from vampires to humans by having the human drink vampiric blood. It is not passed on by drinking from a human or non-human. Small portions of blood can be safely given to humans and non-humans and not cause contamination. In these cases, vampire blood can be used as a healing agent. But be careful, each time blood is given the chance of contamination grows.

Once the curse has been contracted the lunar cycle begins. During this time the newly infected human will begin to sicken, losing interest in food, avoiding sunlight, and eventually driven mad enough to die. Left unattended, the infected human may in fact suicide, but that is rare. Usually, the parent vampire will place the crazed creature into a type of torpor until the conversion is complete and the new vampire awakens mostly level headed until the blood lust hits.

No native vampire is older than 200 years. The older a vampire gets the more power it can wield. This power eventually became a beacon discernable to the vampire hunters of the Thorn King Era.

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