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From Sanctuary Shard


The Nemed are a race of people who's origin dimension is unknown. Some scholars have postulated that they came from the same world as the Cimmerians others that they have come from the same lands as the Fomorians. Either way the Nemed were a race of dark-haired brutal fighters with a decidedly eastern Germanic and Slavic culture. They would settle in Kraestrat and establish a trading port along the safe inland harbor.

Before the Thorn King Era the Nemeds would inter-breed with a particular clan of Fomorians and a dark dwarven race called the Duergar would be formed. Centuries later they would inter-breed again with the Drokkalfar and the half-Aelfyn race of Svartalmane would come into existence.

Being human, pure-blood families of Nemed survived the original rise of Thorn King, but politically savvy families were quick to arrange marriage alliances with the dominant Andal people.

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