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From Sanctuary Shard


A purely human people, the Rohirrim arrived half a milenium after the Jotunn and Alfar but their arrival was by no means a cause for conflict. In fact, legend suggests that the Alfar sages were expecting them. The horse-lords arrived en masse from a land known as Rohan by some and Calenardhon by others. They would bring with them their horses and find a land and culture settled by "giants" and "elves of the north". It would be a long summer before each of the people understood the other and plans finalized, but in what amounts to a very short period of time, the Rohirrim would find a place in Midrvegr.

This is not to say all was peaceful, all three of the Midrvegr people were naturally warlike, but the Rohirrim's skill on horseback soon taught the more arrogant Jotunn that they were a people to be respected. Battles, skirmishes, and family feuds would pepper Midrvegr's history, but the authority of the Thing would hold. At the assemblies, both local and national, all people would have a voice.

When the Andals arrived and the Thorn King Era began it would be the Rohirrim who would shelter the Alfar and Jotunn. The Rohirrim were human, something the Andals prized, and they would step forward to negotiate with the interlopers often hiding their non-human countrymen from persecution. Obviously, such close contact would see an increase in half-breeds, and the half-Aelfeyn race of Alfarian and the half-Hoggur race of Jot would be born.

There are few pureblood Rohirrim left in Cuiveinen as marriage with the Andals would first be avoided, then inevitable, and finally of little consideration -- two thousand years is a very long time. Those who today consider themselves Rohirrim speak of their culture and tradition as Riddari, knights of Midrvegr.

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