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Tuatha De Danann

From Sanctuary Shard

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The Tuatha De Dannan are a race of Aelfeyn who arrived in Cuiveinen three thousand years ago. They were a powerful race of natural shapeshifters and magic wielders who were worshipped as gods and ruled as kings in the lands of Earth they arrived from. They are known as "The Children of Danu", "tribe of the gods", "Áes dána", the Gentry, and the Sidhe. They arrived first in Raeyithia and found another race of Aelfeyn there, The Children of the Forest. They would take over the mounds in which the Children lived, driving them deeper underground. They would fight and defeat the Fomorians driving them as well from central-southern Cuiveinen.

The Tuatha De Danann are tall, fair-skinned, and often red-haired. Unlike the other Aelfeyn races they possessed delicate features, pointed ears, and triple color irises. They brought with them the arts, sciences, and a complex pantheon of gods and goddesses to explain the world of Cuivienen that persists today in Raeyithia. Noble of bearing, arrogant, and magically powerful, the Tuatha De Danann would rule Raeyithia right up until the arrival of the Andals.

In the beginning, the Andals would be charmed by the Tuatha De Danann, calling them "Noble" and "Lord", but the Andal hatred of non-humans would soon ignite and tensions would erupt. Once their own gods were removed from the Arcanum Crystal and the Thorn King placed upon it, the power of the Tuatha De Danann would begin to fade. They would be forced to use their natural skill in glamour to trick and cajole the arrogent, upstart Andals into granting them favor and regard. This often meant arranging marriages between powerful men and beautiful Tuatha De Danann daughters. Eventually, a half-breed race known as The Gentry would all but replace the Tuatha De Danann who eventually faded and traveled beyond the mists.

The full history is accounted here in History Vol 1: The Muiri-Aelfeyn Debate.

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