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Category:Native Aelfeyn

From Sanctuary Shard


The Aelfeyn consider themselves the first race, though they are not the only who claim such. Those Aelfeyn born today on Cuiveinen are all half-elves in some manner or other, as almost all true pure-bloods have disappeared or died off in the last two thousand years. With the Thorn King Era coming to a close, once cloistered Aelfeyn are reemerging into society.

The Aelfeyn race acknowledges a racial leader separately from the rulership of the kingdoms. The racial leadership is almost always a Lord and Lady, regardless of gender. When there is no currently acknowledged Lord and Lady the Aelfeyn will worship whatever divine force most closely resembles this pairing. When there are rulers present, they are believed to embody these two core virtues. Read More ...

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All Aelfeyn become weakened around burial sites.
Physical Traits
Taller than the average human
Usually thin
Hair grows quickly
Unusual eye color
Unlike Muiri, the Aelfeyn's natural form is always humanoid; but many have gained the ability to shapeshift into other natural animal forms, primarily birds and mammals. Native Aelfeyn do not have a dragon shapeshift.


Sub-Race A list of populus and lost Aelfeyn races.
The dark-skinned, dark-haired Aldaayiein are masters of subtlety, slipping through the busy street of Al Shadiyah. Theirs is a refined magic, one that seems more than anything a natural occurrence. That is of course until the moment they decide to unleash the power of their might. Dark and dangerous certainly rings true when discussing the Aldaayiein. And yet, so many choose to use their rare abilities to entertain. Perhaps it is the security an entertainer’s vocation offers which attracts them, I mean who distrusts performers? They are there for your entertainment… right?
"It has been said that the pen is mightier then the sword, but the Alfarians keep both their quills and blades sharp."
Only a race bred from Middle Earth's Rohirrim, Norse Elves, and the mighty Jotunn could balance such a dichotomy of powerful emotions with grace and consequence. Being possessed of both a strong bloodlust and deep intellectual curiosity, the Alfarian are shadow and light, leaders and skalds, speakers of law and students of science and war.
Typically pale-haired and pale-skinned this race of Nordic half-elves is found in Midrvegr alongside their Jot and Rohirrim kin.
Never have two races been so beautifully cherished by each other and in essence blended together by cross breading in the history of Sanctuary, than that of the Noldorians and Dunedain. The result of this mutual love and respect of course being, the dark-hair and pale-skined, Peredhil. This half-elven sub-race might seem quaint and reserved, and in fact is often overlooked by others because of how effortlessly they blend into the populace. However, their resilience as a people and their skill in both smithcrafting and tracking have made it obvious to a keen observer that they are invaluable. While they may seem silent and cautious this is only one of the many facets of their unparalleled grace. The Peredhil can be found on both the broad forest paths and the ancient stone paving of their beloved Emlyn.
Much like their Drokkalfar ancestors the Svartalmane of Kraestret retained an affinity for dark magic. So much so that it is a curse borne from their frustrations with the arrival of the Andals, that produced the Vampir. However, the mix of Nemed, human blood into their gene pool, also aided in making them an astute sub-race, adept at survival. The Svartalmane are predominantly a dark-haired and dark-skinned people, though on occasion one is born bearing white hair and purple eyes. Forced to live underground for much of their existence, they have learned to blend-in with what they consider inferior stock, the other sub-races. While the majority of the Svartalmane consider themselves superior to others, some have learned to value the contributions of those they deem lesser, for the betterment of their own agenda.
Like many of the modern races, the Gentry would be born during the "culling times", the era that aligns with the racial cleansing brought about by the followers of the Thorn King. The Gentry are a direct half-breed race of the Andal and the Tuatha De Danann, but like many sub-races have been much reduced. They retain their great beauty, natural ability for magic, long life, multi-colored eyes, fair skin, and red hair. They have lost their natural shapeshifter ability but can still glamour like the Muiri and witches and most Gentry claim an alternate form like other Aelfeyn. Read More ..
Ancient Races (Application Required)
Many Aelfeyn races traveled to Sanctuary in the last four thousand years. During the Thorn King Era they would interbreed with others, primarily humans, as an act of survival. Few pure-blood exist. These original races are; Alfar, Children of the Forest, Daeves, Drokkalfar, Ljósálfar, Noldorian, Trow, Tuatha De Danann.
Other Elves
Any other type of sidhe or elven race should be played as a traveler.

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