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From Sanctuary Shard


With the arrival of the Andals, this half breed Drokkalfar and Nemed race would become infamous. There are many stories as to what actually happened, and how many of the participants where actually Svartalmane or not is hotly debated. Essential, a group of Svartalmane, furious with the arrival and incursion of the Andals, sought to use their magical power to curse the interlopers and drive them from Kraestrat. The curse worked, and many of the newly arrived Andals lost their life. Unfortunately, they didn't die. Instead, the race of Vampir would be formed.

It is said that those who participated in the working were so shocked by what they had done, their hair turned pure white. And certainly, there is a rare blood-line of Svartalmane who has pure white hair. As to if the working was the cause for it is unknown. However, it was a terrible thing they wrought, for instead of driving the Andals out of Kraestret, it not only turned the Andals against the poor victims it set in motion a hatred of magic, witchcraft, and non-humans that would last more than two thousand years.

The Drokkalfar and Svartalmane would be hunted by the Andals to such an extent that both sub-races would be nearly destroyed. Only by hiding their nature, often living below ground among the Vampir and Lycanthropes would the younger of the two races, the Svartalmane survive.

The Svartalmane are darker-skinned than the Drokkalfar, and have less obviously Aelfeyn features, including much smaller ears which can be easily hidden. Almost all Svartalmane are dark haired and dark eyes, with a rare few having white hair and purple eyes.

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