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From Sanctuary Shard


The Drokkalfar are less a sub-race of Alfar then they are a distinctive clan. When the Alfar arrived in Cuiveinen they were comprised of both Drokkalfar and Ljósálfar. The origins of the two distinctive clans is unknown but since they have been here definite distinctions of occurred.

The Drokkalfar were always darker-haired then their cousins with almost sallow grey skin and a tendency towards more wild and isolated ways. Less social and more secretive, Drokkalfar were drawn to the acquisition of magical power over that of martial power. They would eventually choose to settle in Kraestrat among the Nemed, finding the Nemed to share more of their own clannish traits.

Like most of the early races, the Drokkalfar would interbreed with humans and a half-elven race known as the Svartalmane would come into significant power as the Thorn King Era began.

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