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New Player Guide (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

A series of suggestions for new players to RPCSS from Lara.

So you have claimed an estate and want to know what to do! This will walk you through your first steps.

  1. Make sure you know where to find the Manual for RPCSS.
  2. Make sure you have put gold on the estate stone. When it runs out of gold it will consider itself abandoned and boot you from the game. There are no refunds. (If you accidently boot yourself from the game you can reclaim it before Sunday at midnight with out loosing your progress.)
  3. You can rent any house in the area, including the main castle. If someone else has rented the location you wish, you may page a GM to evict them from the estate. This takes one week.
  4. If you wish the housing zone of the rental to be changed you will need to DM Lara in Discord to have that done.
  5. Ask for the estate-owner tag in discord.

About your Estate

When you claim a new estate you do not begin at level 1. In fact you begin at level 7, out of 10. (We discovered that level one was too vulnerable and didn't give the new player a chance to get up to speed.) However, you are not safe yet!

As a new player you will have seven hexes and a court level of 7, but you have only one army. Your first job will be to recruit new soldiers.

Your First Week
  1. Issue a Marching Order and move your army out of its current hex to an unoccupied hex next to your current hexes. This current army should be "full" and therefore you can not muster into it.
  2. Send your spies out to nearby regions to see how many armies they have. Scout Order (RPCSS)
Second Week
  1. Issue an Occupy Land (RPCSS) to claim the hex your army was moved into. Note, if you did not move to a co-joined hex, you will not be able to occupy it.
  2. Issue a Muster (RPCSS) to start a new army in your home hex. You will want to consider carefully what type of army unit to muster.
  3. Issue another scouting order in a new location.
Third Week
  1. Now that you have a new hex, you should be able to Raise Court Level (RPCSS).
  2. Continue to muster units into your new army.
  3. Recruit another spy
  4. Carefully check your monthly costs at this time! Crucial! End of Turn (RPCSS)
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