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Muster (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

Muster is how you recruit infantry, knights and seige equipment. Mustering is a complex process and should be reviewed carefully here.

The RP of it
Just because you have men at arms at home with their families, knights off in the tourney circuit, or siege weapons in storage, dinna mean you can start a war right away. Ya gots to put the call out to them, so they know tis time to get their arses back to work. But mind me now, you can only muster at a castle, a stronghold or your homelands, ya can't go mustering men in the middle of a farm field, roight?! Next, yew better have one of your army officers waiting around to get them men settled or they may just wander off."
  • Mustering costs muster points: Infantry is 1, Knights are 2 and Seige Equipment is 2.
  • You get 2 muster point for every stronghold you control, plus 3 points for every castle you control.
  • You can only muster ONE unit of Infantry, Knights or Seige Equipment PER fortified hex.
  • You can not muster into a hex that is only arable land (+Populated) or wilderness.
  • You must have an army with available unit openings in the hex you wish to muster into. (This will require you to move an army into a homeland, stronghold or castle hex before you muster.)
  • If you do not have a fortified hex you will be given 1 muster point and be able to muster into an arable hex.
  • In the beginning, when you don't have any armies the game will "create" your first army for you in the hex you muster in.
  • Mustering into a hex with no army in it will create a new army if you have room for one.
  • If you are marching an army out of a fortified hex you must wait until the completion of the end of turn before mustering a new army into that hex. (You can't move an army out and create a new one in the same turn.)

The First of the Month Turn Ends
Turns end on Sunday Night, the first turn which ends after the first of the month will automatically pay your units
  • Understand from your coin master how much gold you earn each turn from taxes and other methods.
  • All Units cost 1 gold bar per month.
  • All units active at the payment turn are paid, nothing is prorated.
  • Payment to units happens automatically after taxes are collected.
  • Loan interest is calculated and added to your loan balence.


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