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Occupy Land (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

To raise your court level you must gain more hexes. To perform this action in RPCSS is a two step process. You must march an army into the hex you wish to occupy. On the next turn, you choose "Occupy Land" from the list of coin master actions and a screen with currently controlled hexes shown in purple, and available hexes with an army in place are shown in orange.

You cannot occupy a hex that has an army in it that is not your own. This even applies to allied armies. If an army moves into that hex before you occupy it, and the army is not your own, the occupy will fail.
You can have up to 10 arable hexes max. There is currently no limit on wilderness hexes.
  1. Select the land you wish to occupy.
  2. The cost of the action is:
  • 0 gold for wilderness hex
  • 1 gold for arable (+ populated) land
  • 2 gold for a strong hold (tower icon)
  • 3 gold for a castle (castle icon)
  • Can only be performed on a hex that is adjacent to your other hexes.
  • You must have an army in the hex, if you march the army out in the same turn as trying to occupy, the occupy will fail.
  • This can only be done once per turn per army in a hex which can be occupied.


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