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Talk:New Player Guide (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

A series of suggestions for new players to RPCSS from Lara.

All of the information I am about to give you here is available on the main manual. However, there are a lot of subtlies to the game play that only become clear after you've had some practice with using the interface. The game itself is simple and the rules easy to grasp once you understand the basic concept of single turn based actions.

However, if you are beginning with a new estate that has less then 3-5 hexes your primary focus should be on growing your estate to the maximum of 10 hexes, court level 10 and 6 armies. So here are my basic recommendation for anyone with a brand new estate. Modify this as you see fit if you have been given a partial estate.

  1. The only thing you can do week one is muster an army with one unit. I suggest you muster knights because they are far more useful in the long term, but if you want to keep costs down and are going to use this army ONLY to claim new hexes you can muster an infantry.
  2. This week, move that army to a nearby arable or populated hex. Do not move to wilderness hex it won't do any any good.
  3. This week, occupy the new hex
  4. This week you should now be able to muster a new army, this time with knights not infantry AND move the first army into a new hex AND raise court level.
  5. This week you need to look at how much gold you have, determine when end of month happens, and how much gold you will need to pay for armies. Consider what it costs to occupy each new hex and to raise court level. This is not the time to "save gold" but to spend it -- but you do NOT want to go below zero!! Based on that information you repeat the process of moving an army into a new hex, occupying the new hex, and raising court level.

As soon as you can get your third army things begin to change:

  1. At this point you should have two other armies with one unit in them, and those armies are doing nothing but gobbling up hexes so you can raise your court level and get more taxes each week.
  2. Your third army will be the one that has the most knight units in it, and is your primary defense or outbound combat army.
  3. It is now around the 8th week and you should be able to play in the wars with others safely. To repeat, it has taken nearly two months before you are realistically able to participate in the war. There are exceptions to this, but BE patient.

Other points

  • You don't have to use two armies to gobble up hexes, once you reach a point you feel comfortable with, you can drop down to one army.
  • You will need to set up ally arrangements with everyone in your alliance or there will be a point where you will collide with a friendly estate and someone will loose soldiers.
  • Remember RPCSS is the reality in role-play, remember in the beginning you are squishy and others are not.
  • Once you are participating in battles you NEED to wait for the role-play from your leaders before putting in actions. There is no way for players to revert their own actions -- that means Mithril has to do it. I strongly suggest you do not put in your new actions for the week until AFTER receiving the weekly update from your team. After Friday Morning is a good general time frame.
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