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Scout Order (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

You can order one of your agents to scout a hex and its immediate surrounding hexes. This is an area of 7 hex total. After the end of turn, if there are enemy armies in any of the 7 hexes, their location will be revealed to the spymaster for 1 turn.

How To

  1. Select Spy Master from the left hand menu bar.
  2. Select Scout Order from New Action.
  3. Press and hold your mouse to move your screen around until you find a hext to scout.
  4. If you select a valid hex you will be able to submit action.
  5. Finally, click on Dashboard on the top left of the screen to reset the map. You will have to do this before trying to sent off another scout.
It is very difficult to know which scout was sent to which hex given the current design. Do yourself a favor and make notes or take screen shots.

Reviewed and updated: 12/23/2020.


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