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Manual (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

The RPCSS User Manual is separate from the in-game user manual because RPCSS is a separate system that is accessed via the web, not from within UO. Web Game Link


This system has had one Alpha, and is now in its second Beta. Expect bugs and occasionally some clunky user interface issues.

Additionally, this manual was written for the alpha when there was no UO integration.
I will continue to update this manual as I review and use the system, check back often. Text that is in red is from the alpha may not be working as documented, proceed with caution.
Items that have been struck out are not implemented but are required to be documented as a place holder for further releases.
The names on the RPCSS map are regions, they are used to give notifications of actions. Things like "An army has been sighted in Tarafeyn" means any one of the hexes traditionally defined as that region -- not specifically the hexes currently controlled by an estate. Regions are loosely divided along roads but are not intended to be precise. It provides only a general area of the map to explore. Regions in this case are used only for indicating an area of the map something may have happened in.


Pending Actions There may be NEW actions not yet add to the manual, or actions that are in design but not yet programmed. Knowledge of these actions may effect the choices you make in RPCSS, please review.
Known Issues There are a number of Known Issues that are currently being worked on and do not need to be posted as a bug, or are responsible for what appears to be entirely seperate bugs. Please read this before posting a bug.
Trouble Shooting There are a number of troubleshooting techniques that you should try before posting a bug.
Next Version This is the design document for the next large version release.


Registration RPCSS is connected to Sanctuary and thus your user name and password for RPCSS is the same as your UO Sanctuary Shard ID.
End of Turn On Sunday Night at Midnight SLT the end of turn cycle begins. The order of steps during End of Turn are explained here.
Notifications and Rumors Notifications appear on the RPCSS Web Game. Rumors appear in game via the post office and town crier.
Dashboard The Daskboard is a summary page that shows different information to different roles. It includes general information about the turn and a map to explore hexes.
New Player Guide A series of suggestions for new players to RPCSS from Lara. Read More ..


Update June 5, 2020
Currently RPCSS is not connected to UO in any way other than account authorization, this will change in the future, for now, this section has been edited to reflect current functionality.
Allies The allies fuction is currently disabled.


Warlord Overview The Warlord Screen provides relevant resource information, a breakdown of the factions current armies, and a list of any submitted actions this turn.
Armies The more hexes you control the more armies you can have, and the larger the army can be. An army can never have more than 4 units in it. A unit can be infantry, knights, or siege equipment.
Muster Muster is how you recruit infantry, knights and seige equipment. Mustering is a complex process and should be reviewed carefully here.
Marching Orders Marching Orders is the primary way in which you move armies around the map, initiate combat, and occupy new hexes. More details can be found here.
Support Orders After marching an army into a hex, you can give it a support order. This will provide a +1 bonus to the first attacked army cojoined to the supporting army.
Defend Orders Defend is used to increase the defensive strength of an army for that turn. It does not work if the army is the aggressor.
Combat Resolution At the end of turn, RPCSS will determine the results of any combat that ensues. The process is explained in detail here

Coin Master

Collect Taxes You gain 1 gold bar per court level at the end of turn automatically. This is not an action.
Borrow Gold If you get into a situation where you are out of gold you may borrow gold from "the bank".
Raise Court Level Raising Court Level is one of the most important steps you can take in RPCSS. Raising court level requires you to move armies and occupy hexes.
Occupy Land To raise your court level you must gain more hexes. To perform this action in RPCSS is a two step process. You must march an army into the hex you wish to occupy. On the next turn, you choose "Occupy Land" from the list of coin master actions and a screen with currently controlled hexes shown in purple, and available hexes with an army in place are shown in orange.

Spy Master

The Spy Master role in RPCSS acts as the spymaster, scout leader, guerrilla warfare tactician, information broker, etc for the faction team. This can be role-played a variety of ways, as there is a variety of things that the spymaster can do in the game. Many of the actions are influenced by the Influence track.

Recruit Spy You may recruit 1 spy per turn for a maximum number equal to your court level. The spy is not available for use until after end of turn.
Scout Order You can order one of your agents to scout a hex and its immediate surrounding hexes. This is an area of 7 hex total. After the end of turn, if there are enemy armies in any of the 7 hexes, their location will be revealed to the spymaster for 1 turn.

Special Circumstances

Relocate If you wish to relocate your home hex for role-play reasons you need to contact Lara and follow the process defined here:
Give Hex If you wish to give a hex owned by your faction to another faction you can record the request on Discord in the #RPCSS-help channel and tell Lara. Please include screen shot of the hex to give.
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