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November 12,2020: Our Winter Story Arc has began, Read More. Auto-account creation. Please join us in Discord.
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Application Updates

From Sanctuary Shard

Update 6/15/19

I have added some general guidelines below for those who wish to get started on their character ideas sooner rather than later. At this time we still have not yet decided on starting skills and you are encouraged to vote on the Starting Skills Poll here.

In general, we will be allowing auto-account generation which will start new players on one of the small map facets. This small map is named Summer Isle and is the primary location for new players, newbie hunting, vendor shops and day to day role-play. Once a characters application is approved they will be able to leave Summer Isle and return to it at any time via easy to use game mechanics.

Update 7/20/19

I have added a pod cast to help you determine if you should join a Noble House, Guild or RPCSS Team.

Update 8/6/19

On August 6th, the application was updated to remove the Character Kingdom question and replaced with the Shard Plot Line question.

Update 9/21/19

I have updated the shard question on the application again, as well as rewritten the Shard Plot Line question.

Update 5/7/20

The application requirement for travel to the mainland was officially removed. Applications for estate owners was added as a requirement. Applications for role-play abilities was clarified -- its always been required but we wrote it more clearly.

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