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Shard Plot Line

From Sanctuary Shard

The primary shard plotline revolves around the player-owned estates on Cuiviénen, the mainland; their struggles for survival, the winds of political change, aspirations of power and desires for safety. The storyline is supported by seers and a custom-built web-based game system called RPCSS. Seers and players drive the storyline by their own action, while RPCSS helps determine the results of armed conflict using automated tabletop game rules.

This storyline is much like a Game of Thrones type of storyline. Consequently, characters who have the skills to command armies, manage finances, recruit a spy network, gain followers, or rule a country, have more to offer to the overall storyline.

While not ever player may wish to own an estate, they are welcomed and encourage to participate in the player-ran alliances (guilds). Alliance leaders are both creating and following the shard plotline, they have things they need other player characters to do. The more skills your character has by way of combat, political savvy, diplomacy, tactics, scouting, spying, etc, the more things your guild leader can include you in.

A Hero's Motivation

"If my character is not going to further some god's own agenda, why was my character brought here in the first place."

We are looking for characters that are already heroes and have garnered fame or respect in their previous lives. Heroes, villains, and anti-heroes are more likely to get involved in world-changing storylines than a stay-at-home crafter.

Ultimately, your character must be self-motivated to "get involved" rather than expecting other players to provide that motivation.

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