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Application Guidelines

From Sanctuary Shard


  1. We expect one account per player and reserve the right to investigate if accusations of cheating or meta gaming become prevalent. Otherwise we hope to simply ask everyone to play fair.
  2. You may use all five of your character slots. All five characters can be in a guild(s). But only one character can be an estate owner.


  1. There are five main categories of races, you must choose one of those five categories and abide by their limitations. Otherwise, you may be of any sub-race that you wish with the following restrictions.
  2. Individual sub-races who have non-human avatars are restricted to available 2D UO graphics. Read More ...
  3. There are no skill or stat modifications based on race (at this time).
  4. Shard lore and politics are intended to group characters by moral/ethical lines rather than racial lines.

Arrival in the World

  1. All player characters are brought into Sanctuary by either one of the character's own gods or by one of the three main forces of Sanctuary; Ancalagon the Black, Jormungandr, or the Grey Rider. Only NPCs can be native.
  2. Player characters can have arrived anytime on Sanctuary in the last 10 years.
  3. There is a continuing Shard Plot Line that is intended to involve estate owners, alliance (guilds), and regular players. If you wish to maximize your role-play involvement we encourage you to design a character that will get involved.


We are not looking for a literary presentation, rather simply to understand the situation of your character's arrival so that we can head off any misunderstandings at the time of application.

  1. As stated elsewhere, the application team is looking for a basic backstory of less then 400 words that simply explains what the character was doing prior to arriving in Sanctuary.
  2. We do not wish to have "earth religions" introduced by "characters from historical earth". Let's keep things in the fantasy realm, earth-like religions from earth-similar worlds are just fine.
  3. You may not apply for a known character of existing lore -- original characters only. If your OC appears too similar to a canon character; any admin, at any point, may required you to submit an application for a completely different character premise. Don't come near the line.

Remember Player Characters are not native to this world.
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